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  • The number one tool that transformed enrollment in my online bootcamp, Ketogenic Living 101: Eat Fat to Burn Fat: LIVE Video
  • The #1 best way to deliver a polished broadcast (and no, it's not being a public speaking expert) 
  • My Top 3 tips to be seen on LIVE Video! Before you spend time creating a LIVE Video you need to think about how your video will be seen and who is going to see it!

Hi! My name is Kate.

I'm so glad you're interested in growing your biz like a boss! My name is Kate, and I am the owner of Ketogenic Living 101, Keto 101 Coach Certification, and a mompreneur.


Some facts about me

  • I successfully kicked my sugar addiction and have been sugar-free for over a year!
  • I'm a group fitness Master Trainer, Ketogenic Living expert and Girl Mom!
  • I'm passionate about freedom and faith! Specifically, helping women find freedom from the 9-5, freedom to earn your own income from home and freedom to spend time with your children! Have faith in yourself, girl - you've got this!
  • I knew I wanted more for my family and I tried a lot of approaches to build a successful online business... some succeeded and some failed. I now want to teach you my best practices!
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